A Dark Day for Thanet

Sadly it seems my prediction in my last blog has been proved correct, UKIP have decimated the mainstream parties in Thanet today gaining 7 out of the 8 seats available including the ex NF member Martin Heale winning in Ramsgate and the ex-tory Roger the dodger Latchford winning in Birchington. More depressingly the only seat won by anyone else went to Labour’s Will ‘Scooby’ Scobie who if his track record is anything to go by will be as ineffectual at county hall as he has been for Margate both in his capacity as mayor and local councillor.

This also reflects the national trend. Obviously and traditionally, half term elections tend to attract the protest voters out and it is even more the case when the conservatives have been up to their usual tricks of feathering their own pockets in power and screwing the less advantaged, the Lib Dems were ruined the minute they got into bed with the tories and abandoned their manifesto promises and the increasingly ineffectual Labour who seem to have lost their direction under Ed Millpede’s tenure.

So, will the emergence of UKIP as a major political force continue? As anyone will recall it was only a few years ago that the far right  BNP attracted the protest votes yet this time around have lost their only remaining county council seat. I believe that today’s results should send a very clear message to David Cameron and unless he has a major rethink on policy along with Clegg and Millband then the far right could re-emerge as a political force and that, sadly can only lead us down a very dark and disturbing road.


9 responses to “A Dark Day for Thanet”

  1. William Epps says :

    I would prefer to see it as a long overdue wake up call to our politiocal elite who have been failing to listen to the electorate for years. Neither Milliband or Cameron can take any cheer from these results and Glegg is dead in the water.

    No longer can immigration be dismissed as a racist subject and our relationship with the EU needs serious examinatioin and action rather than lip service and promises of referendums that never materialise.

    Maybe out of what you describe as darkness we may at last see some light.

    • margatemadness says :

      I can’t agree with you there William when candidates spoken openly about aborting disabled babies before birth, euthanising over 80’s, promoting homophobia, victimising migrant workers and welcoming ex BNP and NF members as candidates etc etc, before we know it we will be in a similar state to 1930’s Germany. You may want a nation like that but I and many others certainly don’t.
      UKIP have preyed on the xenophobic nature of the masses and played the game well but I am sure when people realise that they are not just an anti-EU party then they may change their minds. As we both know, half term elections are notorious for the protest voters and I predict that UKIP will go the way of the BNP next time around.

      • occupythanet2 says :

        I think your imagination is running away with you somewhat! When will the left work out that having concerns about immigration, is NOT in and of itself racist, it is simply good sense!?

        Why when when people talk about having controls that pretty much EVERY other country in the world do those who simply cannot see the big picture fall over themselves to get the accusation of racism in 1st!

        Time to grow up, and have an ADULT debate about immigration!

      • William Epps says :

        If you read my comment properly, I said it was a wake up call to our main parties. Despite this result, there is no danger that UKIP will ever form a government so all your extremist fears are groundless. What we want is for Milliband and Cameron to start listening to the concerns of the people and acting upon them. It is called democracy.

      • Richard Card says :

        1930s Nazi Germany MM ? A country which promoted hatred, division and blame by ethnic labelling. Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and Freemasons all bad bad bad. Of course we in UK have gone further along the Hitler model now. It is about 16 ethnicity boxes to tick on the prolific “Monitoring forms” isn’t it ?

        Tick a box to label yourself so we can convince you we are treating you all the same. It’s a con. They want to convince me of equal treatment for all in UK then have no boxes to tick at all. Divide and rule and call it multicuturalism. What is it exactly ? Do you know ? It is the belief system that ALL cultures in one land must be accorded equal worth. How can that work ? The paedos’ access to educational establishments culture of equal worth with Quakerism ? It is, of course madness.

        Multiculturalism is anarchy. What we have is SYNARCHY. (Unlawful in a constitutional monarchy) which is rule by an unauthorized self styled elite. Sometimes called the “Thought Police” and they, de facto, choose which cultures are accepted into the bogus multiculturalism and which are condemned and fed to the mob. The mob has been equipped with the language of condemnation. “Racist”, “Neanderthal” “Homophobic” “Little Englander” “Conspiracy theorist”, “Institutionally racist” “Racially aggravated”. The mob has also been equipped with a bogus wisdom to display. “Communities”, “Multiculturalism enriches us”, “We should celebrate that …” (oooh let’s have a street party ?) “We are now a very multicultural society” (A favourite of mine for a laugh)

        Where did the Galician SS Divn settle postwar and why MM ? Discuss.

      • John Holyer says :

        Can you please produce the evidence to support your claims of UKIP candidates proposing the aborting of disabled babies, euthanising the over 80s, promoting ‘homophobia’, victimising migrant workers and welcoming (emphasis) on welcoming ex BNP & NF members as candidates, etc etc. Presumably you have this evidence to hand otherwise you not have written what you did. Or are your words nothing more than a rant given birth in a fit of pique.

      • margatemadness says :

        A cursory look on google should confirm all of my allegations John, it has been well publicised in the last week up to the election.

  2. Peter C. says :

    Remember a few years back when all the main parties suddenly adopted “green” policies because they knew it was a vote winner? Well now they’ll all (hopefully) start looking into immigration for the same reason.

  3. William Epps says :

    The Galician SS Division were mainly Ukrainian of Greek-Catholic religion, whose hatred of Stalin was about the same as their hatred of Hitler. Like many caught up in WWII they had little option but to fight, but that did not make them Nazis. I recall talking to an Italian who was on the Eastern front and he said it was a choice of standing and being shot by the Russians or trying to flee to be shot by the Germans. As always with you, Richard, you take a piece of historical fact and pretend it fits your theory.

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