UKIP, laughable sideshow or serious threat?

With the upcoming KCC elections looming large it is becoming worrying that the majority of the publicity has been focused on UKIP. Firstly we have the ex-NF member Martyn Heale standing as the UKIP candidate for Ramsgate. I’m not quite sure how this can create positive publicity however knowing the xenophobic nature of the average Thanet resident I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he does rather well.

The other almost astonishing incident took place in Birchington. Our old tory chum Roger ‘the dodger’ Latchford has pinned UKIP colours to himself and is running for UKIP there, (wouldn’t be the only local Conservative to defect from the party lately would he?) Mr Latchford was accosted by certain well known people, I’m sure we all know now who they are from other blogs so won’t go into too much more detail here.

My personal concern is that with the local Labour and Conservative groups too busy blaming each other for the wrongs of Thanet, UKIP are gaining support and anyone who saw Nigel Farage’s appearance on the BBC’s question time last night will know this is worrying in the extreme. Let’s hope the local residents see sense on polling day and opt for the greens or independent candidates if wishing to make a protest vote, I wait with baited breath.


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