No Filming Again?

Well, it seems TDC still are reluctant to allow any of their meetings to be filmed! On Tuesday the Overview and Scrutiny committee met to discuss the ongoing Pleasurama debacle. Now despite the chairman Cllr Driver openly inviting the masses of Thanet to attend with filming equipment and record proceedings once again filming was banned from the meeting.

Going back to the last meeting of the full council when as already stated in an earlier entry both a local journalist and councillor were removed from the meet for attempting to record the debate. TDC always state that their own equipment records the meetings to be viewed online at a later date, presumably so they can edit out the childlike behaviour of our esteemed councillors.

However, upon a bit of research it appears that the video recorders installed at council chambers is permanently ‘broken’ which does appear somewhat convenient! Even more astounding is the ignorance of certain members of the council who don’t seem to know about this problem.

So where does that leave us (the public) in regard to being informed of outcomes of debates and how is it ever going to be inspiring people looking to get into politics? As national government doesn’t seem to have a problem and even encourages meetings to be filmed why does TDC constantly refuse people to record their meetings?


2 responses to “No Filming Again?”

  1. Ian Driver says :

    Not that I would ever encourage the public of Thanet to break council rules. But I do recall that in old days people who objected to old fashioned silly regulations used to have sit-ins and occupations. Someone in Thanet might think it is good idea to organise a film-in or a videopation at a Council meeting. Mind you I couldn’t possibly be involved in such an outrageous, disrespectful and downright naughty act as this Ian Driver

  2. John Hamilton says :

    Sadly, once again, Driver’s mouth runs faster that he can provide in reality. Having made invitations he was in no position to make without a democratic vote of teh people concerned, he then flounced away when he lost the subsequent vote, thus achieving the publicity stunt he sought to engineer. Calling Driver’s monkey a journalist would be akin to calling Driver someone on whom toy can rely!

    The fact the the camera’s in the council chamber are “permanently broken” is immediately shown as a lie by the fact the film was put up of the meetign from last week! Driver’s intention to film in solidarity with his monkey is also a matter of record. So lets dispense with this “I just took pictures of bad behaviour” bullshit Driver, you engineered a publicity stunt, and now intend to try to milk it for all it’s worth.

    I wonder how much you are adding to the debate in council, having been thrown out on your sorry arse from both parts of the council that are dealing with it…

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