Farce and Double standards at TDC

Well, yet another council meeting passes with plenty of incident. Firstly, a member of the public is ejected for attempting to film the meeting, (something that should be allowed in my opinion as it is supposed top be a public meeting). Shortly afterwards Cllr Ian driver is also asked to leave for attempting to take photographs of the proceedings. Good entertainment I must say but if that is what people want then the zoo would be a better option.

TDC is proving itself to be a total farce. After the Ezekiel debacle, TDC are supposed to be encouraging more open transparency but they turn into hypocrites as soon as members of the public and council are ejected for trying to record events. Usually, I would let this pass but last night’s meeting was packed to the rafters with both Anti Bedroom Tax protestors and FORS (Friends of Ramsgate Seafront) who were there for answers on the ongoing Pleasurama scandal.

The most astonishing thing however is that the public were told that they couldn’t even tweet what was occuring while a certain councillor from Westgate can sit there all night tweeting regular updates with impunity! I think it is time for TDC to set clear guidelines on reporting and updating from council meetings, personally, I think that all meetings should be filmed, even so far as to livestream.

However, from the meetings I have attended it would not be a surprise at all if TDC banned any sort of  updates or filming, you only need to go to one meet to see how pathetic the council is. Whether it be childish playground bullying or personal attacks on each other, the people we elected to represent our local interests don’t really care about us at all, it’s more like a big game to them, scoring cheap points off each other and generally disturbing proceedings as much as possible.

In conclusion I can only be amazed that they actually manage to get anything done at all!


3 responses to “Farce and Double standards at TDC”

  1. Ian Driver says :

    see my blog http://vote4driver.blogspot.co.uk/
    good pictures of what almost became a fight!!

  2. occupythanet2 says :

    Another nothing story Driver, is your monkey not hawking this non story around for you?

  3. Matt (aka Lord Matt, geek) says :

    This is exactly why right to film and attend meetings and open access to the democratic process was made so important back in 2008.

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