Right Wing Hypocrisy

It is amazing the rhetoric coming from the right wing regarding the celebrations happening around the country at the demise of Mrs Thatcher. What follows is some viewpoints from the Daily Fail readers when Michael Foot passed away just to highlight the hypocrisy emanating.

Here are what Daily Mail readers said when Labour Leader Michael Foot died, the same people probably foaming at the mouth over remarks made about Thatcher’s death. A brief insight into the minds and sheer hypocrisy of those on the Right, bemoaning peoples lack of respect at this time of “national mourning”:

““I have rarely laughed so much at a poor old man’s passing”
“One less communist hoon, time for a party”
“Pity the red lunatic fuckers can only die once, I could watch it all day.”
“Fuck off Foot and rot in hell.”
“Foot was either a moron of truly epic proportions or he was an evil, evil man. Either way, I see no need to mourn the treacherous bastard”
“Good riddance. One by one the socialist stalwarts are kicking the bucket … C,mon Hattersley you fat fuck, choke on your own dribble.”
“Fuck off Michael – I won’t miss you at all.”
“Anyone know where the traitorous quisling shit is buried so I can dance on the hoons grave?”
“Just another dangerously wrong-headed utopian Lefty of no use to Britain.”
“One more communist dead.”
“After a pretty piss poor week, this is good news at last.”
“Of all the socialist traitors that have stained the UK … he is perhaps one of the most evil, I hope he rots in the deepest pits of hell”
“What took him so long…? Typical sponging leftie, screwing the actuaries to take more out of the pension scheme.”
“If any Labour supporters are reading this blog right now with a tear in their eye may I just say to you… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”
“So. A 96 year old traitor has popped his clogs. So F****** what.”
“I also laughed my fucking socks off when Tony ‘fluffy foxy woxy’ Banks died.”
“Foot was a communist killer like Stalin he was possibly the most treasonous man in British political history. Lord Haw Haw did less damage.


4 responses to “Right Wing Hypocrisy”

  1. occupythanet2 says :

    Difference being Thatcher actually achieved something, the only positive leader since WW2!

    • Andy Scott says :

      I think you will find it was Attlee who was the most positive leader since the war, Thatcher fails miserably on that count

      • margatemadness says :

        I would tend to agree with you there Andy, Attlee’s policies improved life for the majority of the population whereas Thatcher’s governments destroyed for all but the super wealthy who still benefit from the 1980’s greed culture which sadly is so prevalent today

      • Occupythanet2 says :

        Clearly Maggie saved the UK from the socialist hell that had been influcted upon it, and bought UK to it’s knees. Still a happy day when she took on, and smashed the communist backed unions, and bought sanity back to the UK.

        Super waelthy the only ones to benefit, no, clearly not, just those prepared to WORK for a living, and not sponge off others.

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