The difficulty with giving a comment on Margaret Thatcher’s death to the British tabloids is that, no matter how calmly and measured you speak, the comment must be reported as an “outburst” or an ”explosive attack” if your view is not pro-establishment.

If you reference “the Malvinas”, it will be switched to “the Falklands”, and your “Thatcher” will be softened to a “Maggie.” This is generally how things are structured in a non-democratic society. Thatcher’s name must be protected not because of all the wrong that she had done, but because the people around her allowed her to do it, and therefore any criticism of Thatcher throws a dangerously absurd light on the entire machinery of British politics.

Thatcher was not a strong or formidable leader. She simply did not give a shit about people, and this coarseness has been neatly transformed into bravery by the British press who are attempting to re-write history in order to protect patriotism. As a result, any opposing view is stifled or ridiculed, whereas we must all endure the obligatory praise for Thatcher from David Cameron without any suggestion from the BBC that his praise just might be an outburst of pro-Thatcher extremism from someone whose praise might possibly protect his own current interests.

The fact that Thatcher ignited the British public into street-riots, violent demonstrations and a social disorder previously unseen in British history is completely ignored by David Cameron in 2013. In truth, of course, no British politician has ever been more despised by the British people than Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday will be heavily policed for fear that the British tax-payer will want to finally express their view of Thatcher. They are certain to be tear-gassed out of sight by the police.

United Kingdom? Syria? China? What’s the difference?”


5 responses to “Thatcher”

  1. occupythanet2 says :

    Oh dear, if you EVER manage to achieve 0.0001% of what Maggie T did, you may even become worth ridiculing, Till then then I will content myself with laughing at you, along with 99% of the people who will be reading your drool.

    Long live the residents of the Falkland Islands, and their right to sefl determination as British citizens! 🙂

  2. Richard Card says :

    Social disorder on a scale not seen in history ? Peterloo Riots ?

    An Admiral persuaded Mrs Thatcher and John Nott to send a Falklands Task Force as Mrs T was ready to concede the islands.

    I will have tumbled off the twig by the time the history books are written and further truths revealed. But Mrs T and John Nott were briefed concerning submarine refits that had been condemned for creating acoustic pathways. Torpedos and sonar that was not reliable enough to commit to battle. The lack of ability to detect incoming exocets.

    The likelihood is that when the Admiral persuaded her to risk it the plan for a submarine attack outside the Exclusion zone, to gain the element of surprise using obsolete torpedos, was hatched.

    IE That she was persuaded to commit to war when she weighed up and committed to using a Pearl Harbour type war crime.

    Her policy on mines was seriously flawed and has left us at a strategic energy vulnerability. The worker buyout at Tower Colliery pioneered clean coal technology with University of Glamorgan making eco fuel by processing coal with household waste. For a scientist Mrs T rurned out to be the worst of Luddites. Imagine if science had advanced by proper funding and not just by an inspirational miner colliery buy out. Miners with the eco and economic vision Mrs T lacked.

    Finally if there is contempt then direct it at those who ran her as a puppet. Henry Sporborg (whose other puppets were Airey Neave and Robert Maxwell) and his group.

    And we only have it on trust that Sporborg’s private intelligence organisations infiltrating the unions were only intelligence gathering and not stirring to gift Maggie a caricature enemy like Scargill.

  3. occupythanet2 says :

    Yep, as delusional as we have come to expect of you Richard.

  4. Andy Scott says :

    And if Thatcher was 0.0001% the PM Attlee was the country wouldn’t be in such a state now, all she did was destroy which in this land entitles you to a funeral with honours

  5. Occupythanet2 says :

    Fortunately, Maggie saved the UK from a socilalist hell, and delievered an environment suitable for those who were prepared to work, to flourish.

    Those whining today, are those whose chose to try to milk the country for all they could, whilst giving nothing.

    She deserves, and recieved the thanks of the VAST majority of this country who work to improve their lives, the rest, who cares.

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