Hello, bear with me as this is the first blog I have ever done. For a long time, like the majority of residents in Thanet, I have sat back and done nothing while the local authorities, council officials and even councillors have taken advantage of the apathy and used their positions to further their own interests. The final straw for myself was the recent conviction of Cllr Ezekiel for dodgy property dealings.  Unfortunately this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg with the police apparently investigating more thoroughly the dealings and affairs of certain officers and councillors and with any luck more will come to light in the future, such as the Arlington House scandal and the ongoing Pleasurama saga. Even a cursory look at those examples would lead to a conclusion that something is very wrong and rotten in the halls of power within TDC.

It is an interesting time in local politics, TDC is effectively run by the small majority of independent councillors and although the council leader is Labour it only takes a defection or two to once again shift the balance of power. Although this situation leads to some very interesting meetings in reality there is more time spent hurling insults and abuse than actually conducting the business they were elected to do. I can only see more of the same with the forthcoming KCC elections looming large.

Which brings me to the awful state of apathy locally. The majority of people I engage with have no idea of who is in charge and for the most part they really don’t care. I will be blogging more in the future so will sign off for now.


2 responses to “Introduction”

  1. Matt B (Thanet Star) says :

    Welcome to the world of Thanet blogging. I predicted at least one new face in my predictions for 2013 post so I am pleased to be right. I’ve been visiting your blog on and off for a week or so now.If you get yourself listed on the Facebook app Networked Blogs I will try and get your feed added to the Thanet Blogs page.

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